Gabrielle Ann Kleckner is a 12-year-old Digidestined girl. She is the daughter of Kyle and Kathleen and the younger sister of Greg. Her Digimon partners are: Chumon, Gatomon, Patamon, and Gomamon.

History Edit

Gabrielle discovers a Digivice in her locker and after school, it transports her to the Digital World where meets a Chuumon, Gatomon, Patamon, and Gomamon who tell her that they are her partners.

Digimon Edit


Gatomon is Gabrielle's first Digimon partner.


Chumon is Gabrielle's second Digimon partner.


Patamon is Gabrielle's third Digimon partner. Unlike in the original series, Gabrielle's Patamon is a female.


Gomamon is Gabrielle's fourth Digimon partner. Unlike in the original series, Gabrielle's Gomamon is a female.

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